Action Essentials

Action Notices and Strike Constituency
The notices were sent to all employers in the ballot group from Monday, 23 June 2014. Notices were issued in respect of both the 2011 pension ballot and the 2012 pay and conditions ballot.

Supply teachers
Supply teachers are equally affected by the issues underlying the dispute. All NUT supply teacher members were included in the 2012 pay and conditions ballot for schools and academies. However, they can only take part in strike action or action short of strike action where they are employed directly by local authorities or schools and academies. They cannot take part where they are undertaking work for which they are employed by a supply teaching agency. We have written to all NUT supply teachers with this advice.

Independent schools
Members in independent schools were included in the 2011 pension ballot if they taught in schools which opted into the Teachers’ Pension Scheme. At that time, the Secretary of State was threatening to deny all teachers in the private sector access to the pension scheme but, partly as a result of the strike action in 2011, these proposals were abandoned. We are, therefore, not calling upon our members in the independent sector to take action on 10 July. Members from the independent sector should be encouraged to participate in solidarity activities in support of NUT members taking action, by contributing to a local hardship fund or sending a message of support to their local officer.

Sixth form colleges
All sixth form colleges are included in the pension dispute. Only those colleges that are members of the Forum are parties to the Pay and Conditions ballot; the following colleges have not, therefore, been sent strike notices in respect of the pay and conditions dispute:

Central Sussex College (Haywards Heath Campus)
Chichester 6FC
City & Islington 6FC
John Ruskin College
Salford City College (Eccles site)
Salford City College (Pendleton site)
South East Essex 6FC
Stockton Riverside College Bede Sixth Form
Sussex Downs College (Park College site)
Trinity Catholic College (St Marys site)
Worthing College

Free schools
Free schools are not excluded from the action but only those schools which were established at the time at which we gave notice of the pay and conditions ballot (June 2012) can be included in the strike action.

Centrally employed members
Members employed as teachers in central LA services were not automatically included in the ballots. Any such members who undertake teaching work in schools as part of their job were, however, able to be included in the ballots and can take part in the action. Soulbury-paid members were not covered by these ballots and they are not being called on to take part in the action short of strike action or the planned strike.

Workplace list
A database of all schools/colleges and other workplaces included in the ballot cohort will be posted soon on Hearth in the ‘action essentials’ section

Non-Receipt of Strike Notices
Regional/Wales colleagues will have access via the on-line retrieval system to all notice letters sent to self-governing schools (VA, trust, foundation, standalone academies) and Local Authority notices.


Please refer to the FAQ document to assist you in answering member and Rep queries.

Local campaign advertising

Generic campaign adverts have been created to assist associations and divisions when placing local adverts.  Local newspapers will often adjust adverts as part of a booking.  Where this isn’t possible support is available from HQ.

The generic adverts have been created for England and Wales. These are also available in mono.

They can be altered to match different sized bookings.  There is an opportunity for a short local message or contact details to be included in the advert.  This work is carried out by the union’s design house, Paragraphics.

In order to deliver the artwork Paragraphics require the following information:

  • Your name and association
  • A contact telephone number
  • The name of the newspaper
  • The publication date
  • A contact name, email and telephone number at the newspaper
  • The dimensions of the advert, whether it is mono or colour and delivery details (the mechanical data)
  • Any local message you may wish to include.

Please email these details to  You will receive an acknowledgement by email.

The responsibility is on local associations and divisions to book and pay for local adverts

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