Important News for all Surrey NUT members: next meeting: Tuesday 26th April 2016 !!


County Hall, Penrhyn Road, Kingston   KT1 2DJ      6.00 -=- 8.00pm


  1. Apologies and minutes
  2. Officers` and Executive Reports
  3. Nominations for General Secretary 2016-2019 to be considered. We can make 1 nomination. Names for nomination may be sent to the Secretary or made at the meeting.
  4. Annual Conference report
  5. Discussion: The White Paper: Is the Government listening? What can we do about it?
  6. Preparing for the ballot.

Refreshments and free parking

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You can download a pdf version, to put up in staff room here Agenda pdf and from Media Archive Pages: newsletters section.


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“A Better Future for Our Schools : Reclaiming Education”

CASE has produced a leaflet in response to the Budget Statement on forcing all state funded schools to become academies:
FORCED ACADEMIES UNNECESSARY, UNDEMOCRATIC AND DANGEROUSThe Economist Intelligence Unit has compared the education results of the forty most developed countries. This shows that:

  • In 2014 /15 the UK ranked 6th, after South Korea, Japan Singapore, Hong Kong and Finland. But only South Korea and Japan were significantly better.
  •  In terms of educational attainment (based on literacy and graduation rates) the UK was in second place after South Korea and ahead of countries such as Poland, Finland, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Does this support a move to force all schools to become ‘independent’? No. All of the countries with better scores than the UK are fully committed to a nation- al school system.
The whole leaflet can be downloaded from this website: go “Media Archive : Newsletters: Nos 6 and 7 : CASE 1 and CASE 2
Or from the CASE website

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Important news from our London NUT colleagues !


Dear Colleagues

You will not need me to explain the significance of the Government’s announcement that all schools are to be forced to become academies. The proposal has already provoked an angry response and a number of London NUT Associations have immediately initiated an emergency demonstration next week which we are fully supporting from the London NUT Region.


Schools need more:

* teachers

* money

* places

* NOT ideology

Assemble: March 23rd, 5pm, Westminster Cathedral, Victoria Street SW1P 1QW, March to Department for Education, Map:

For a flyer to share on social media, upload via:

Please come to the demonstration and bring your colleagues and friends


Regional Secretary, London NUT

NUT London Regional Office

90 Point Pleasant, London SW18 1PP

Office: 020 8477 1234

Office email:

Twitter: @NUTLondonOffice

London manifesto small

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Report from Surrey National Executive Member: Jackie Baker 17th March 2016

Women’s Network

On a blustery Saturday morning in February, West Sussex NUT with great support from Surrey held an inaugural Women’s NUT meeting ,  a  Brighton Brunch, where Max Hyde, former NUT President, gave a heartening description of women’s rights in her opening remarks. Ruth Serwotka also updated us on the latest events and developments, while Angie Travis spoke about the current challenges faced by supply members.

It was an informal morning, where plenty of discussion and networking took place among experienced and new women members alike. New reps and greater engagement with the union from women members has been a clear result of this enjoyable event.

There will be a second event in Surrey, later in the year. We will be fixing our date soon.  I shall be in touch after conference. Please do email me, or catch me at conference,  if you wish to join this event and/or  the networking group. (


I attended the launch by the Institute of Education, of the very important piece of academic research, sponsored by both the NUT and  ATL on ‘The Introduction of Reception Baseline Assessment’ and its  impact.

The results of this research should cause both parents and teachers real concern.

Only 7.7 per cent of survey respondents agreed that baseline Assessment was an ‘accurate and fair way to assess children’ and only 6.7 per cent agreed it was a ‘good way to assess how primary schools perform’.

Many teachers doubted the use of measuring progress from Reception to Year 6 given the problems of assessing accurately at age four, and the variability of children’s patterns of progress and development.

For many teachers, Baseline Assessment has had a negative impact on their working lives without benefitting the children they teach. It goes against the principles of good teaching in early years, and at the same time does not assess accurately enough to form the basis of a school performance measure.

The NUT has been campaigning for some while for the abolition of Baseline Testing and much of the discussion during the last Education and Equalities committee at national level, was devoted to the conference motion on this issue and the way ahead for union strategy in this area. The need to work with the NAHT on this issue and the question of a boycott are matters that were raised during these discussions.

It is not only the new Baseline Testing, which is causing grave concern, the Deputy General Secretary described the tumult amongst primary members about the imposition of new assessment requirements imposed on teachers in years 2 and 6 to provide examples of validated evidence rather than on a termly, moderated basis, to demonstrate that they were working to the national standards. There were three main anxieties about the new system; an untenable increase in workload for KS1 and KS2 teachers with 18 standards for the former and 16 for the latter, each requiring six exemplars per pupil; severe professional concerns that with curriculum changes, teachers would simply not able to provide such evidence and the implications for the first year of the ‘coasting’ definition which was to be based on a comparison of two years’ SATs results.  The Government had made limited concessions by promising to publish ‘clarifications’ and Nick Gibb MP had written to the NAHT giving an assurance that no school would be targeted (for change of status) on the basis of this year’s SATs results – but without getting rid of the ‘coasting’ category.  30,000 teachers took to social media to support a petition on the Government website by Dawn Wootten calling for the cancellation of KS1 tests this year.  The Union was working closely with the NAHT, was planning advice on the use of ASOS to frame school-based disputes, had written to the Secretary of State to protest and was planning social media activity including a survey of members.

Giving The Wrong Reasons For The Teacher Recruitment Crisis

Sir Michael Wilshaw has recently complained about the lure of working abroad as one of the reasons for the teaching recruitment crisis.

He has even put forward the idea of ‘golden handcuffs’ , as if this would be the solution for hard pressed graduates who are busy paying off university debt.

The government has missed its teacher training targets for the last four years. This, coupled with excessive workload, redundancies, and the often deliberate victimisation of older, more expensive teaching staff has contributed to the recruitment crisis.

Nicky Morgan apparently cited the press at the ASCL conference as another reason for the problem. They were too busy denigrating teachers. In fact, Christine Blower reported at a national executive meeting that the Secretary of State had told her to stop talking the profession down.

The government   and their agents know there is a problem and now we see the unsightly spectacle of them rushing around trying to find something or somebody else to blame apart from their highly damaging policies.

Two dates for your diaries:-

NUT Supply Teachers’ Conference at NUT HQ on Saturday 25th June. Given the support for the conference motions on Supply teachers alone, we all need to be advertising this event to members. (Associations need to be approached for travel expenses.)

NUT Disabled Teachers’ Conference : Saturday 16 July 2016 .

(Application deadline: 23 June 2016 – See more at:


Jackie Baker (

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Confirmed Surrey Division Dates : 2016

Surrey Division Meetings 2016

  • Thursday 17th March 2016

  • Thursday 26th April 2016

All above meetings are at County Hall, Penryn Road, Kingston upon Thames, KT1 2DJ (Committee Room C): 6 p.m.-8 p.m.

  • Free parking at the front of building

  • Light refreshments from 5.30 p.m.

  • No need to notify attendance; please come when you can.



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URGENT SURREY DIVISION MEETING: Thursday 17th March 2016 : County Hall: 6.00 p.m.

General Meeting (All welcome!)

County Hall, Penrhyn Road (COMMITTEE ROOM C)

Kingston-on Thames


6.00 –8.00


  • Apologies for Absence
  • Report of the meeting of 14 January & matters arising
  • Reports or Presentations
  • Correspondence and Written Reports
  • Secretary
  • Teachers Joint Committee
  • Treasurer
  • National Executive Member
  • Regional Officer
  • Equalities Officer
  • Health and Safety Adviser
  • International Links Officer
  • UCU
  • Surrey County Council Trades Unions  


  • Nominations for NUT General Secretary 2016 – 2019*
  • Annual Conference Brighton 2016
  • Division Directory
  • Any other urgent business

*Nomination procedures and form on following pages. Nominations will be accepted at the meeting. The Division Executive is recommending the nomination of Kevin Courtney.

  1. The election for NUT General Secretary is due to take place and the closing date for receipt of nominations is 17 March 2016
  2. If the Surrey Division is to make a nomination for this election, then the first stage is for the association to invite members (other than students) to put forward any names they would wish to have considered by colleagues as possible nominees.


  1. Assuming names are forthcoming, these will be considered at the General Meeting of the association to be held on 17 March 2016, when an item will appear on the agenda (at least seven days’ notice to be given). Other names may also be submitted at the meeting by members present. [Although the Executive of the association may put forward a recommendation, this will not prevent other nominations from being considered.]


  1. If you wish to put any name(s) forward as potential nominees please complete and return the attached nomination paper to (Ted Truscoe, 42 Poynes Road Horley RH6 8LT, by 17 March 2016.
  2. Please note the following requirements concerning eligibility for nomination [quote from appropriate rule]:

e.g.      (i)         retired or left profession members are ineligible;

(ii)        candidates must have been full members of the Union for at       least one/three/seven years as appropriate (student      membership does not count), – [and for GS/DGS election] – an        official of the Union whose office has been sanctioned by            Conference.

Nomination Form: NUT General Secretary 2016-2019


Name of Candidate:  Home Address:  School/Workplace Address:
 1. Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms/No title



Membership No:






Tel. No:





Tel. No.

 Associations of which a member for the 7 years immediately preceding the commencement of the ballot, i.e., 23 June 2009 to 24 June 2016 (confirm current association):



Union Official – post held:




DECLARATION: We the undersigned, hereby certify that:

(a)    not less than 7 days’ notice of the general meeting, stating the business to be transacted, was given;

(b)    the consent for nomination has been obtained of the candidate named above;

(c)    the member named above was properly nominated by the:-


Association: No:
BY (i)     ballot of members of the above-named association;
OR (ii)   at a quorate general meeting of the above-named association on:
Date of meeting: Attended by                members Quorum:
SIGNED Secretary:* President:* Date:

*If not present at the meeting then another officer of the association who was present, stating the substitute officer’s position.   Note – two separate signatures are required.


Name: Closing date for nominations:WEDNESDAY 1 JUNE 2016

This slip will be date-stamped and returned immediately to the secretary of the nominating association. If it is not returned to you, please remember to enquire within 7 days of posting the nomination form, or not later than the closing date for receipt of nominations. This slip will be required as proof of submission of a nomination in the event of any query.

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