Challenging Your School’s Pay Policy

Next year will be the second of Michael Gove’s new ‘flexible’ pay framework. If your school adopted a pay policy last year that doesn’t comply with NUT policy, this term offers a chance to try and change it. There is plenty of NUT advice and support to help you and your members. Start by getting a copy of your pay policy and checking it against our checklist at

For help with challenging all or part of the policy, contact the NUT locally for advice and support.

A Checklist For Reps

The NUT is still campaigning to secure the reversal of Michael Gove’s pay changes. We want the national pay structure and pay scales restored, including fixed pay scales, pay portability, a fair pay progression system for all teachers and automatic progression on the Main Scale. In the meantime, there are three key issues when considering your school’s pay policy:

  • pay scales
  • pay progression
  • pay portability for teachers moving schools.
What to do if your policy is not in line

If your policy is not in line with the NUT’s, we need to get it changed. Steps you will need to take include:

  • contacting the NUT locally
  • calling a meeting for NUT members
  • asking your head teacher for a meeting
  • approaching the governors.
Winning on pay policies through action

If your approaches fail and you are still faced with an unacceptable pay policy, the NUT will support you – including paying members if they take strike action. The threat of strike action with members’ support has helped win acceptable policies in many schools. If you think members will support action, contact the NUT locally again to discuss the next steps.

For more information on the Union’s demands for your pay policy, how to take the above steps and how to continue with further action, please visit:

People’s Assembly

The People’s Assembly was launched as a rallying call for those facing the tough realities of austerity measures. On 21 June, we are supporting their march in London to oppose further unjust cuts. To join in, visit:

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