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Surrey NEU meeting : 26th November 2019: George Abbott School, Guildford 6 p.m.


26th November 2019

George Abbot School GU1 1XX

Division meeting 18:00 to 19:20            Branch meeting 19:30 to 20:00

1. Apologies

2. Minutes of last meeting

3. Secretaries reports to include casework summary

4. Treasurer report to include a discussion on honoraria

5. National Exec report to include a discussion on National Exec by-elections and National exec 2 vice Presidents, 1 treasurer and 1 membership and equalities rep. and other posts.

6. Other reports to include (Preferably written and sent out in advance please)

a. Education Joint Committee (EJC)

b. Surrey Schools Joint Safety Committee (SSJC)

c. Central Joint Safety Committee (CJSC) [to be held on 28th Nov so agenda items and info only, full report next time]

d. District and Branch Secretaries Conference

e. Support Staff Conference

f. Independent schools Conference

g. LGBTQ+ Conference

h. South East Regional Council (SERC) meets on 30th November any linked reports from members of SERC sub committees

i. Update on possible Surrey Young members Conference

7. Regional Officer report (if present)

8. Confirmation of dates and venues for future meetings

9. Branch meeting to continue with discussions from last meeting.


Close @ 20:00

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