Lobby parliament: 10 June

We are now in the run up to next May’s general election, a period in which MPs are most alert to voters’ concerns and most susceptible to pressure. To ensure that MPs hear from us directly, we are lobbying parliament on 10 June. We need your help.

Join us at parliament

If you or a colleague are interested in joining us at parliament, please register at teachers.org.uk/voice. Head teachers can be asked to release a volunteer to attend and your division/association secretary can help to arrange cover if necessary.

Send a postcard

For those who cannot attend on the day, enclosed are postcards that outline our criticism of government policy and our demands for change. Please ask members to sign these postcards and send them to MPs as soon as they can,to arrive before 10 June.

Join in on social media

On the day of the lobby, we will also tweet and Facebook an image that raises our concerns over government policy and how it is affecting children’s lives.We ask all our members to keep an eye out for the image, and to spread it to their friends, colleagues, MPs and prominent figures on social media.

We want the country to know that education is in crisis, but we need you to help us tell them.

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